The 411: adding the first-ever program geared especially toward partners: Between. In a global with numerous interaction and data-sharing sites, Value Creators & business features created an exclusive message board for lovers to communicate, commemorate and develop enduring connections.

Started last year by a small grouping of dudes from Seoul National college, Value Creators & Company’s objective targets that — «adding price to our clients,» based on the team at VCNC.

Prior to the business’s launch, Chief Executive Officer Jaeuk Park noticed everyone was «growing cautious about the open social network space.»

Which, «most of us keep in touch with both therefore we post photos, but that doesn’t indicate we desire every person looking,» the team at VCNC mentioned.

Park with his group wished to create an area for people maintain to themselves as social media room expanded more intimidating.

Introducing the «Hotline for Couples»

In an international launch providing to six diverse languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese conventional, Chinese basic and Thai), VCNC produced a chat service which allows users to combine all their social media interaction resources instead have conversations scattered about.

«Between is like an exclusive place in big, active cyber urban area somewhere it is possible to focus only on each additional in some sort of filled up with other’s statuses, talks and adverts,» the group at VCNC mentioned. «We believe the magic sauce that enables lovers to cultivate nearer is a combination of interaction, remembering and planning.»

This indicates this key sauce is making tasters finding its way back for lots more.

The group reports that lots of users who have experimented with the application are actually shutting off announcements for any other social media marketing online forums and depending entirely on Between because they learn that is connecting with these people, that is certainly which they value.

It is not regarding the Breaths you’re taking although times

One part of around’s platform certainly really worth noting is the Moments function. There is this convenient gadget in one of the major tabs for the app.

Moments is a portal to collect the provided Kodak thoughts as a few, and Between instantly sorts the photographs chronologically.

Partners are able to search through pictures they have absorbed the past 12 months appreciate a «nice graphic representation» of the commitment history.

Commensurate with the theme of treasuring the moments, Between also has a schedule function that enables partners to look right back on past times, as well as plan for potential memories are discussed.

TCIM: Thank You, Chief Executive Officer. Its Monday!

within their 3rd season of solution, with a group of around 40 innovative users, VCNC prides itself on their business environment, along with the feedback was given from consumers.

A fun reality in regards to the business tradition of VCNC is the TCIM advantage. Every other Monday, the business features lunch focused in, and employees are considering the chance to submit private questions about the occurrences associated with the business.

The CEO addresses their questions into good their ability over meal. This helps to keep the group members informed and connected.

Values useful Creators & organization:

Wait, Absolutely MORE?

VCNC has recently established two must-see third-party applications.

Both of these applications are merely found in Korea now, but the team hopes to expand in the near future.

Following their unique 10 million packages milestone, VCNC introduced a wedding proposal survey asking people across seven countries regarding their recommended matrimony proposals.

Effects were extremely advising of cultural differences between these nations that people believe as therefore comparable to the other person.

«As a heavily data-driven organization, we love examining differences between countries and undertaking neighborhood marketing,» the group at VCNC said.

If 10 million downloads does not persuade you to try this application, an individual reviews will.

VCNC usually gets characters and wedding invitations from Between lovers, even needs to feature thematic components of the company to their weddings.

Since the company expands older, their particular devoted customers are expanding using them, and several stay to experience the benefits even after the marriage bells fade.

In 2015, VCNC is focused on expanding globally, including larger areas like Europe or the usa. Right now, this app can be obtained anyplace that Google Enjoy therefore the software Store may be accessed.

If you wish to see your love life transpire into one of these happily-ever-afters, check out

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